How to Open an Online Clothing Store?

When setting up an online clothing store, it is not easy to supply or produce the perfect products to sell. However, without a well-thought-out online store, you cannot effectively sell your products to your audience. Below, we’ve outlined 10 important topics for everyone who’s about to start an online store.


1. Customers: Where will your traffic come from? One of the biggest mistakes made by new entrepreneurs is that the target audience cannot be identified. Once determined, your target market will affect every move you make while your online store is moving.

2. Differentiation: After identifying the target audience, consider this: why would this audience order from me? Online clothing and fashion industries are particularly competitive. There is no room for another participant, but all new online fashion stores should create a comparative advantage.

3.Shipping: Customers mostly want free shipping. Brands that do not offer free or low-cost options run the risk of leaving the shopping cart. You’ll also want to determine what your store return policy will be; Many top fashion stores offer free returns online. Ideally, you need to calculate shipping and return costs, and then add that price to your margin.

4. System functionality: Before considering the specific platforms and development aids you will need for your fashion store, you should consider the procedures you may need to use on a daily basis. Current planning times can save you from major trading days in the future. For example, how do you deliver your orders to the customer?

5. Campaigns and Promotions: How do you plan to create demand at the low points of your sales cycle? Do you have a subscription plan to fix revenue? The types of discounts and special products you plan to offer will affect the complexity of the e-Commerce platform and the development you need.


6. e-Commerce Platform: Small businesses that are new to e-commerce usually prefer ready-to-use software, but the functionality of this software is very low. As your store grows, as the number of products and customers increases, this ready-made software will not be able to meet your needs. So if you intend to do this job professionally, we recommend a professional e-commerce platform like Magento.

7. Mobile design: At the end of this year, more than a quarter of the world’s population will use a smartphone (eMarketer). Almost half of all online retail traffic now comes from mobile devices (IBM). Obviously, the optimization of your online fashion store for mobile devices is incredibly important. At least you should plan to create a responsive website. As you grow, you might consider developing a local mobile app.

8. Product Photography: One of the most frequently forgotten aspects of creating an online fashion brand is product photography. Most customers do nothing more than show how their products are displayed online. However, in order to increase the sales of the products, the product photos taken from different angles are very important. Remember that the majority of your customers will decide whether to order or not to order by looking at your product photos.

9. Copywriting: Many entrepreneurs review the planning and website development phases of web sites and then facilitate the content creation process. Website content is one of the most important parts of your website. Before you start your website, plan to devote a time for the development of this content. The content you enter will enable your brand and products to reach wider audiences and thus increase your sales.

10. A / B Test: The best e-commerce stores never stop renewing websites. A quick and easy way to make sure that your new website is not reserved for anyone’s website placement is to use an A / B testing tool like Optimizely. With Optimizely, you can show different configurations of your website to different users and measure which one has a higher conversion rate.